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Jeffs Brain??

     Greetings, from planet earth! or eearth? Today, I am beginning to show case one of my projects listed off from the previous blog Where to begin, Where to start? .  The project showing today: Autonomous World. This project is open for download and viewing from here . Now I have already started this project and arms deep in some of the mechanics and functionality. But I would like to introduce you at the moment, Jeff.     Jeff was the first entity created into this virtual world that is in development (name to be determined). Jeff isn't too smart right now and he just roams around, he rests, and ponders what to do next. He even has logic built in to generate a todo list up to 3 tasks at the current moment. As for mood, thinking of something to say, fiddling with their fingers or even eating isn't quite fleshed out yet.     I would like to go over the method from Jeff called "brain" within this article to kick these blog series off and an attempt to keep them short.

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Where to begin, Where to start?